A New and Valuable Resource

by Bruce Johnson


When I first started collecting Arts and Crafts, there was a real vacuum of information. David Cathers had written the first in-depth examination of Gustav Stickley furniture and we did have several books and a quarterly journal on art pottery, but if you wanted information on vintage textiles, lesser known furniture makers, woodblock prints, tiles, or jewelry, you were pretty much left to your own instincts.



Now we have reprints of original sales catalogs, descriptive auction house catalogs, expanded websites, and online collector’s clubs to help guide us as we make our selections for pieces to add to our homes and offices.

This month we have been adding to that list of resources during our virtual 34th National Arts and Crafts Conference and Shows by including at least one live Zoom session each weekday. These live events provide us with two valuable resources:  volunteer discussion leaders who are knowledgeable in their fields, and a group of passionate collectors willing to share their personal experiences with us.



This week, for instance, you have the opportunity to sit in on live Zoom discussions focused on Gustav and L. & J.G. Stickley, vintage textiles, such as table scarves and runners, original furniture finishes, native plants suitable for an Arts and Crafts landscape, and Roycroft metalware.

And last week’s Zoom discussions on woodblock prints, art pottery, tiles, and the Arts and Crafts philosophy were each recorded and are available for you to watch at your leisure at our Video On Demand section of www.Arts-CraftsConference.com.

And this list only takes us to the halfway point in our Arts and Crafts Month of February.




Coming up we have live Zoom discussions scheduled on window treatments, vintage home-made Arts and Crafts, early photography, building Arts and Crafts furniture, Arts and Crafts metalware, Japanese Woodblock prints, furniture forgeries, music of the era, and more.

Don’t miss out on these fun and lively discussions with your fellow Arts and Crafts collectors from as far away as San Diego and Seattle, Miami and Boston. It’s a rare opportunity during the Covid restrictions to share experiences with other who share your passion.

And masks are not necessary!


For information on registration and the agenda, please go to www.Arts-CraftsConference.com.


– Bruce Johnson

Conference Director