Are You A Pottery Lover?


If you, make your way to Zanesville, Ohio for the Pottery Lovers Reunion July 8th-12th, where they plan on taking you back in time, about 110 years, in fact…are you ready?

At the top of the list for the weekend’s festivities? Pottery Lovers and the Zanesville Museum of Art have been very busy with some pretty big pots! Back in 1904, Sam Weller introduced some monumental vases at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, exhibiting some of the Weller Pottery’s best glaze lines, and celebrating some huge artistic talent. They made a big splash then, and this summer, you will get to see five of these large beauties, together again, at the Zanesville Museum of Art. Come see them for yourself, as these vases haven’t been together for more than 65 years. And be part of America’s longest running pottery gathering! Check out the run down of events below…

Monday (Evening) July 7th

Grill Fest! The ‘Grill Fest’ is scheduled for Monday evening, July 7th at around 6:30PM at the Holiday Inn Express! For Pottery Lovers in town on Monday, please feel free to join everyone for this relaxed get together for some burgers, dogs and potato salad, compliments of Pottery Lovers. This will give you an early start on getting caught up with friends.

Tuesday – Saturday, July 8th -12th

Room Sales will be held on all floor levels at the Holiday Inn Express and a section of rooms at the Comfort Inn. They’re expecting a full house and it’s always a great time going room to room checking out all the incredible collections of Art Pottery. A unique aspect of the Pottery Lover’s Reunion is the layout of the show. Dealers literally open their hotel rooms up to make sales, talk to other dealers and educate collectors on their particular interests. Room sales begin on Tuesday the 8th and continue through the entirety of the Reunion. Many Pottery Lovers members and dealers have set up in the same rooms for decades and are always happy to talk about their passion for art pottery. As always, room sales are FREE to the public so come shop, learn and enjoy the wonderful world of American Art Pottery.

Wednesday, July 9th

Pottery Lovers Mixer Party Show & Tell: This year’s theme, in keeping with the theme of the large Weller vases, is “Florals!” Now you do not have to find a 60” pot, just bring your favorite floral in any glaze, and any size! Show & Tell will be celebrated at 6:30PM, on Wednesday, July 9th.

Thursday, July 10th

Pottery Lovers Auction: Belhorn Auctions will again conduct the auction this year at the Welcome Center in downtown Zanesville, a quick drive from the hotels. As always, all Pottery Lovers are encouraged to consign and/or donate pots to the auction. Your contributions support Pottery Lovers events, and donations are tax deductible! If you have pots for the auction please call Peter Gheres with Belhorn Auctions at (614) 921-9441.

Friday, July 11th

Pottery Lovers Banquet: The banquet will be held at the Zanesville Museum of Art on Friday evening, July 11th at 6:30PM. A welcoming reception and exhibit begins at 5:00PM at the museum. The five large vases will be on exhibit, and the speak guest speaker will be Mark Bassett, whose talk will address the large vases on exhibit, and the 1904 World’s Fair.

Friday & Saturday, July 11th-12th

Pottery Lovers Show & Sale: The Pottery Lovers Show & Sale will be held on Friday and Saturday, July 11-12, at the Holiday Inn Express, in the banquet room on the 1st floor. The show is an extension of all of the Room Sales taking place throughout the hotels and is a great place to find even more Art Pottery!

As you can see, an incredibly full weekend of events completely centered around Art Pottery is about to take over Zanesville, Ohio and your presence is requested! Make your plans today and have fun!

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