Bradbury & Bradbury Releases New Wright Inspired Prints

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers, the premier resource for rediscovering and recreating the best in historic wallpaper design, has announced a new licensing agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The agreement authorizes Bradbury & Bradbury to adapt Wright’s distinctive designs from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Archives to produce a handprinted wallpaper collection.

Combining Wright’s designs with Bradbury & Bradbury’s experience specializing in 19th and 20th century wallpapers and reproducing historic patterns, adds a new dimension to interior home design that is executed in the style and characteristic of Wright’s compositions. The Foundation, in keeping with the living legacy of Wright’s work, has approved all plans and designs.

Realizing the importance of Wright’s architecture and design, Bradbury & Bradbury President and Artistic Director Stephen Bauer worked closely with the Foundation licensing department on the proposed collection, resulting in an exciting inaugural collection. There will be an initial offering of five patterns, followed by a second offering in early 2017. “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Foundation on this historic collection, and look forward to its release. We’ve really appreciated the opportunity to draw from the vast archives for inspiration and guidance in our creative process. The designs we’ve adapted from Wright’s work will be some of our most unique and versatile in our collection,” says Bauer.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives contains the world’s most complete collection of materials related to a single artist. Wright’s distinctive architectural designs range from residences executed in the Prairie style of the late 19th century, to modern styles including Fallingwater, the Usonian Homes, and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York city in the late 1950s.

“No matter the size of the project, Wright always focused on creating a total environment that unified the interior and exterior, the man-made and the natural,” says Stuart Graff, President and CEO of the The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “We are excited about this new partnership with Bradbury & Bradbury to create artistic wallpapers inspired by Wright’s unique designs.”

About The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation exists to enrich society through an understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas, architecture and design. The Foundation, established by Wright in 1940, along with the owners of various Frank Lloyd Wright building sites, own copyrights that give them exclusivity to duplicate buildings and designs created by the renowned architect, which are protected by copyright and trademark law. The Foundation engages academics, authors, scholars, reputable organizations and online and virtual communities to educate the public about the work and teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright. For more information about the Foundation, go to

About Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers

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