Dirk van Erp & His Influence

Gus Bostrom of California Historical Design is at it again spreading the Dirk van Erp love, this time at the Alameda Museum in Alameda, CA. On Thursday April 24th Bostrom will discuss van Erp in a talk entitled “Bay Area Copper 1900-1950 – Dirk van Erp & His Influence”. Drawing from his previous research done while crafting an exhibition and penning a book by the same name, this lecture will touch on the vast contribution of arguably the greatest coppersmith of the American Arts and Crafts Movement.

Van Erp created a uniquely beautiful body of hand-hammered art copper. He started his career in the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA turning brass shell casings into beautiful works of art before turning his attention to the creation of his classic hammered copper and mica lamps. He also had a profound effect on many other art coppersmiths in the San Francisco Bay Area, which was a hotbed of artisans and crafters in the early 20th century.

The Alameda Museum offers permanent displays of Alameda history along with yearly lecture series, work from local Alameda artists and student artwork, as well as souvenirs, books and videos about the rich history of the Island City. The Alameda Historical Society was founded in 1948, and the Museum was established in 1951 and in 1983 the Alameda Museum was designated as the official repository of historical documents and artifacts for the City of Alameda. The museum would like to thank Judith Lynch of the City of Alameda Historical Advisory Board for sponsoring Bostrom’s lecture.

Admission to the lecture is free for museum members and $10 for the general public. For more information about this wonderful talk on Arts and Crafts metalwork visit www.alamedamuseum.org

For information on Gus Bostrom’s book Bay Area Copper 1900-1950: Dirk van Erp & His Influence as well as Bostrom’s antiques gallery California Historical Design please visit www.acstickley.com

And stay tuned to ArtsAndCraftsCollector.com for updates on this year’s exhibition schedule for Bay Area Copper 1900-1950: Dirk van Erp & His Influence because it’s coming back for round 2!