Early Craftsman Studios Works, A Roycroft Rarity, A Fulper “First Fifteen” and More at CHD this Saturday

by Kate Nixon


This Saturday, March 18th, California Historical Design in Alameda, California will hold its AcStickley Arts & Crafts Auction Starting Mar 18, 2023 at 11 AM Pacific Daylight Time (2PM Eastern). This 951-lot auction has an impressive selection of furniture, metalwork, lighting, art, prints, ceramic and art pottery offerings any much more by Arts & Crafts Furniture by Gustav Stickley, L&JG Stickley, Stickley Brothers, Charles Stickley, Limbert, Roycroft, Lifetime, Lakeside, JM Young, Mathews Furniture Shop, Bernard Maybeck, Karpen, Harden, Michigan Chair Co.


All estimates and descriptions are courtesy of California Historical Design

Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper Rivetbase Lamp.

lot 2 – Early Fulper Vasekraft “First Fifteen” #11 Slender Ovoid Vase c1910. Inspired by older Chinese pottery and finished with a variety of glazes, this vase is an example of what is known in Fulper pottery as the “First Fifteen” – cabinet vases that served as Fulper Pottery’s earliest product and a rare work for art pottery collectors.  This blue example in perfect condition measures 5.75″h x 2 1/8”d and is estimated to bring in $250-$350.

lot 5 – Roycroft Hammered Copper 12″h American Beauty Vase. This signed American Beauty Vase, popular with Roycroft collectors, is offered with its original patina with some light green verdigris. Estimates: $1,800 – $2,200.

lot 7 – Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper Rivetbase Lamp. As California Historical Design is a premiere spot for all things Dirk Van Erp, this offering is especially impressive. Signed with early closed-box mark, this 23h x 19.5d inches lamp comes with Excellent original patina and its Mica is very nicely replaced. Estimates: $12,000 – $15,000

lot 10 – Early Newcomb College Olive Webster Dodd Cypress Trees Vase 1902. This signed 8.5″h x 3.5″d vase is a prime example of Olive Webster Dodd’s early works at Newcomb College. Estimates: $6,000 – $8,000

lot 12 – L&JG Stickley Set of 4 Dining Chairs c1908-1912. The Signed set of four chairs comes with its excellent original finish. Each chair is  36″h x 17″w x 17″d.  Estimates: $1,800 – $2,200.

L&JG Stickley #111 Two-Door Dresser Chiffonier.

lot 16 – L&JG Stickley #111 Two-Door Dresser Chiffonier c1910. While this dresser is unsigned, this dresser which measures 48″h x 40″w x 19″d has a quality original finish. Estimates: $5,000 – $6,000

lot 19 – Benedict Studios Hammered Copper Candlestick (c1910s) with its excellent original patina. Measures 3.25″h x 4.75″w. Estimate: $150 – $200.

lot 22 – Grand Rapids Heart Cutout Three-Panel Screen (c1910) Possibly early Limbert. Color has been added to original finish. 72.25h x 72w. Each panel 24w.  Estimate: $1,500 – $2,000

lot 28 – California Faience Multi-Colored Matte Fruit Basket Tile c1920. This colorful representation of California Faience is signed and is listed as in perfect condition and measures 5.25″ in depth. Estimates: $350 – $450

A Roycroft rarity: a parchment wastebasket.

lot 32 – Roycroft Parchment Wastebasket c1920s. Do not keep your kindness in water-tight compartments – if it runs over a bit ’twill do no harm. Signed. Fraying around edges. Measures 14.75″h x 10.5″w x 7″.  Estimate: $300 – $400

lot 42 – A Massive Limbert 90″w Bench Settle c1908, Signed with branded mark and original finish.  According to California Historical Design, “this is the largest Limbert Settle we have ever seen.” Measures 90″w x 34.5″d x 39.5″h. Estimate: $4,000 – $5,000

lot 93 – Roycroft Hammered Copper Bowl c1915.  Signed with unusual artist mark for Roycroft metal worker Ernest A. Fuchs.  Excellent new patina. 5d x 0.75h inches. Estimate: $450 – $550.

lot 116 – Early Craftsman Studios – Brooklyn Hammered Copper Acid-Etched Letter Rack c1917-1920. With its original patina, this Craftsman Studios copper letter rack measures 4.25″h x 6″w x 2.5″d. Estimate: $200 – $300


lot 134 –  Charles Stickley Strap-Hinge Sideboard c1910. Charles Stickley Strap-Hinge Sideboard c1910. Unsigned. Excellent original finish. 68″w x 50″h x25″d. Estimate: $4,500 – $5,500

lot 149 – Mary Batchelder – Boston Amethyst & Sterling Silver Festoon Necklace c1905. Signed. 16″ length. 3.5″ drop. Estimate: $750 – $950

lot 163 – Fulper Pottery Speckled Green Square Vase c1910. Signed and listed in perfect condition. Measures 8″h x 3.75″ x 3.75″. Estimates: $600 – $800

This design was influenced by the English Arts & Crafts designer Ballie Scott. Signed with the Conjoined L&JG and Gustav Stickley label when they briefly worked together in 1917. Excellent original finish.

lot 171 –  L&JG Stickley “Ballie Scott” Evenarm Settle c1917.  This design was influenced by the English Arts & Crafts designer Ballie Scott.  Signed with the Conjoined L&JG and Gustav Stickley  label when they briefly worked together in 1917. Excellent original finish.  72″w x 27″d x 28″h.  Estimate: $3,500 – $4,500

lot 174 – Minneapolis Handicraft Guild Ceramic Clock 1904. Signed by student “Donald A 04”. A couple of tiny edge flakes to back edge and grinding base chip, otherwise perfect condition. 9.5″w x 6.25″h x 1 3/8″d. Estimate: $350 – $450


To see the rest of the 950-lot auction, visit Auctions.acstickley.com