Pottery Lovers Converging on Zanesville This Week

The annual Pottery Lovers Convention is being held this week in Zanesville, Ohio at the Holiday Inn Express. Billed as the oldest and largest pottery show in the country, this gathering of pottery dealers and collectors takes place from Tuesday through Saturday.

The event starts on Tuesday, July 11 with a 5:00pm Grill Fest sponsored by Barbara Gerr Antiques at the Holiday Inn Express, followed by the opening of the sales rooms at 7:00pm at the Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn. Sales resume bright and early at 8:00am on Wednesday, followed by a social gathering and “Show & Tell” at 6:30pm. Room sales start again at 8:00am on Thursday and Friday. On Friday evening there will be a banquet at the Zanesville Museum of Art. The final day of sales will take place on Saturday, July 15.

The banquet will be held at the Zanesville Museum of Art on Friday evening, July 14 at 6:30pm. A welcome reception and exhibit begins at 5:00pm at the museum. The museum has a fabulous collection of art pottery, so arrive early to enjoy all it has to offer. Riley Humler of Humler & Nolan Auctions will be the banquet speaker. The topic for this year’s presentation is “What’s Happening in the Pottery Market.”

If you have never attended this five-day event, it is unique experience. Dealers arrange their displays inside their motel rooms – and can set their own times. They will hang an open sign when they are selling, and many post their hours for the week on their doors. Pottery sellers and buyers arrive at various times during the week, making for a sometimes frantic and always exciting buying experience.

For more information on this and other Pottery Lovers activities, please go to www.PotteryLovers.org.