Upcoming Virtual Events: Stickley and Ruskin Celebrations Continue PLUS Pasadena Heritage Goes Virtual

Compiled by Kate Nixon


Since we are joining the ranks of conferences and events going virtual in February 2021 instead of meeting in person, we wanted to also make you aware of upcoming virtual educational opportunities happening over the next two weeks…


The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

Session 2: Saturday, October 10, 1:00 PM EDT
“Devoted to the New Domestic Art”: Craftsman Homes and the Birth of Stickley’s Empire

If The Craftsman served as the means by which Stickley introduced new audiences to the philosophy behind his furniture, it was his Craftsman houses that made these aspirations concrete: they became a means by which people could realize their aspirations and actively an engage the Arts and Crafts as a lifestyle.  From the genesis of this idea in May 1903’s “The Craftsman House,” through the designs of Harvey Ellis later that year, to the formation of “The Craftsman Homebuilder’s Club” in April 1904, this session traces the evolution of Stickley’s Craftsman Houses.  In addition to the history of this aspect of Stickley’s career, this session brings you inside the Parker House, an immaculately preserved and privately-owned Stickley home with original woodwork and fireplace system.



Saturday, October 10th at 4:00 PM EDT
Log House Open Doors: Virtual Tour – for Museum Members

The Log House doors have been closed to tours since mid-March, but we’re opening them on October 10 for a special Members-Only, live-streamed tour with Jonathan Clancy, Director of Collections and Preservation, and Executive Director Vonda Givens. The program will begin with a slideshow overview of Craftsman Farms, followed by the live tour. The museum has welcomed more than one-hundred new members this year. Newcomers are welcomed to join us for an exploration of the museum’s collections and the interiors of Stickley’s home. Longtime members are invited to experience the Log House in a different way, see what’s new and ask us anything!


Session 3: Saturday, October 17
“The Cultivation of Human Sympathy”: Stickley’s Early Factory and the Ideal Workshop

Originally planned as a topic for the Stickley Weekend Symposium, it is a more nuanced look at the current exhibition that explores the degree to which Stickley achieved –as Oscar Lovell Triggs wrote in The Craftsman–“a form of labor which aims to be artistic one the one hand and educative of the other.”  It frames Stickley’s factory in relation to Triggs’ ideal workshop, of which “the cultivation of human sympathy–that delicate something that is the source of all high endeavor” was a measure of success.


Saturday, October 17th at 4:00 PM EDT
Education Center: Design Team Panel Discussion

A week before the grand opening of the museum’s new Education Center, Members are invited to a panel discussion examining this 5-year project from its early design phases to completion. Panelists from the project team will include Eric Holtermann and Kurt Leasure, of HMR Architects, and Jon Maass, of Maass, with Executive Director Vonda Givens.

To see more events happening later this month including the first virtual Craftsman Gala, please visit https://www.stickleymuseum.org/

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The Roycroft Campus – Ruskin and Roycroft Conference


October 10, 2020 – 11:00am – 12:30pm est

A Scottish Perspective on John Ruskin’s influence on the Arts & Crafts Movement by Dr. Peter Burman

The lecture will contend that Ruskin influenced the Arts & Crafts Movement both directly and indirectly. The direct influence was transmitted by architects, designers and craftspeople born in the 1830s and 1840s, who read his writings and often had contact with him; pre-eminently Philip Webb, Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris and others of that time; and through architects, designers and craftspeople born in the 1850s and 1860s, pre-eminently Robert Rowand Anderson, Robert Weir Schultz and Ernest Gimson (who was both architect and also practitioner of designing and making some of the very best Arts & Crafts furniture). Ruskin’s influence has also been profound on ideas and best practice in the preservation and tender treatment of historic buildings of all kinds and on our past and current thinking about heritage. Finally, one or two current projects will be touched on that illustrate Ruskin’s passionate commitment to social reform and the practical exercise of compassion: in the end, ‘making lives better’ was what he preached and practised, together with his plea that we should deeply see the world around us.

To see the full schedule of events happening this month, please visit https://www.roycroftcampuscorporation.com/ruskin-roycroft-conference/


October 17, 2020 – 11:00am – 11:45am EDT

Head, Hand, and Heart: Finding Ruskin through Roycroft by Kateri Ewing

Heart, Heart and Hands: From Roycroft to Ruskin is about Kateri’s journey as an artist and teacher, beginning with a job as the overnight clerk at the Roycroft Inn, to a Google search that led her to John Ruskin’s Elements of Drawing, to becoming an artist-in-residence on the Roycroft Campus, which also led to her work being purchased by the Ruskin Collection at Museum Sheffield, UK. All along the way she began to understand the truth and necessity of Ruskin’s teachings that spurred her career as a professional artist and teacher, and it is those very teaching that form the foundation of her work as a teacher of watercolour and drawing.


October 17, 2020 – 12:00pm – 12:45pm EDT

Ruskin, The Roycroft, and The Photograph by Peter Potter

Roycrofter-at-Large photographer Peter Potter will introduce John Ruskin: the photographer. Ruskin was an early adopter of the photographic process and his thoughts about the medium changed through time. Some of Ruskin’s recently discovered lost daguerreotypes of Venice will be shared.

In America, the Roycroft was at the crossroads as photography evolved from a documentary craft to an expressive art. The Albright Art Gallery, in Buffalo, New York, hosted the first exhibit of fine art photography in the world in 1910 and an enigmatic polymath named Carl Sadakichi Hartmann was the nexus for this connection. His influence and his role on the Roycroft Campus will be explored, along with the work of local photographers in the Buffalo Photo Pictorial Movement.


To see the full schedule of events happening this month, please visit https://www.roycroftcampuscorporation.com/ruskin-roycroft-conference/

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Everson Museum of Art

Ceramic Object Study Session with Garth Johnson (NEW)

Date: October 16
Time: 1:00pm
Description: Join us for an object study session about Adelaide Robineau’s early porcelain work with scholar and Rutgers University professor emeritus Martin Eidelberg. This session will also feature contributions from curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including an exclusive look at Robineau’s earliest known work in porcelain. Garth Johnson, the Everson’s Paul Phillips and Sharon Sullivan Curator of Ceramics will also conduct an examination of Robineau’s Scarab Vase, which will reveal details about the vessel’s construction.

See Zoom information plus additional virtual events by visiting The Everson Museum of Art’s website at https://www.everson.org


And an announcement from Pasadena Heritage (as stated on Pasadena Heritage’s website)….


Preservation Pasadena: Craftsman to Modern
November 6 – 15, 2020

After 28 years Pasadena Heritage’s Craftsman Weekend is reimagined with a broader frame and a new name! The city of Pasadena is home to some of the most notable examples of architect-designed properties from Craftsman style to Mid-Century and everything in between. Explore architectural style and design over five decades and learn the connections and differences that illustrate how architecture changed through time. Join us from the comfort of your own home for this year’s Fall education event, Preservation Pasadena: Craftsman to Modern.

Pasadena Heritage will host a virtual, 10-day celebration of preservation and architecture and will include tours, lectures, panel discussions, conversations with artists and collectors and more! Topics will include the Greene & Greene influence on Harwell Hamilton Harris by Ted Bosley, a talk on Richard Neutra by Barbara Lamprecht PhD, modern architecture of Los Angeles by Stephen Gee, a panel discussion celebrating 100 years of Sunset Magazine, the preservation of minority communities, and the influence of Asian and Hispanic design on California architecture and other topics. Pasadena Heritage will also celebrate the Second Annual Dr. Robert Winter Memorial Lecture with guest speaker John Brinkmann, owner and publisher of American Bungalow magazine.

To sign up for Pasadena Heritage’s virtual show, please visit https://pasadenaheritage.org/preservationpasadena/

Description courtesy of pasadenaheritage.org