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We’re taking a break from our special Tiffany Studios series to give you a closer look into the Chicago Arts & Crafts Show, which took place May 17th and 18th. After hearing such great things from both exhibitors and attendees, we thought we’d report on the current forecast for Arts and Crafts collectors!

Jody and Gene Zwiefel of J&G Antiques said it was one of their best shows in Chicago. “Stickley Brothers and Limbert were the makers of choice for purchases from our booth. And China cabinets were the popular form at the show with at least three cabinets being sold within the antiques dealers.” They also noted that unique forms seemed to catch the attention of buyers. “They didn’t have to be major makers, just useful or decorative forms.”

Peter Copeland of Turn of the Century Editions/Parchment Press shared, “The highlight of the show for me was meeting Darcy Evon, author of the newly published, Hand Wrought Arts & Crafts Metalwork and Jewelry: 1890-1940, who came to the show on Saturday and spent over an hour in my booth talking about her book and personalizing copies for customers. She was very dynamic and engaging.”

As far as the crowd was concerned Jody and Gene remarked that, “Young couples are on a comeback with several attending the show with toddlers and babies in tow.” And as Bruce always says, “It’s a problem — but it’s a good problem — to have stroller traffic jams.” That just means the Arts and Crafts Movement’s Revival is alive and well both for seasoned collectors and young families looking to fill their new homes with furniture, art pottery, metalware and more.

Frank and Ann Glapa of FMG Designs shared similar sentiments regarding the show. “The crowd was steady and it was great having the Wright Walk folks streaming in and the exhibitors brought some great items.” Ann commented on one piece found in Gus Bostrom’s California Historical Design booth that she was particularly gaga over — a Rholfs carved blanket chest (bottom photo).

In closing, Jody and Gene said it best, “Old familiar faces were seen and also new clientele were in attendance, reassuring us that the Arts & Crafts Movement is still en vogue.”

Can I get an, “Amen!”?! That is always music to our ears.

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