Adding On Yet Another Room — To Our Website

Ever since I started working on this website late last year, I have always compared it to building a house. You start with the basics – foundation, framing, wiring, plumbing – then you quickly begin adding on new rooms. Some you use every day; others not so often.

But you always seem to keep coming up with ideas for the next addition, right?

And this website has been no different.

First, it was a Reference Library, then a Calendar of Events. Next, I decided we need a Shopmarks Directory, the Marketplace for buying and selling items, a Traveler’s Guide to Arts & Crafts sites and a series of How-To Videos.

Today, we are opening our latest feature: “Show & Tell.”

As its name implies, this is a place for you to post pictures and descriptions.

“Of what?” you ask.

Of just about anything Arts & Crafts.

A piece you cannot identify or one you have a question about.

I would love to see your first Arts & Crafts discovery. Mine was my father’s dropfront desk, which I plan to shoot and post yet today.

How about ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of your kitchen remodel?

Or the painting project you just wrapped up on your house?

Or the story of one of your memorable catches – and the one that got away….

Send us a picture of something you have made: a lamp, an embroidered pillow, a stained glass window.

Or a picture of you in front of one of the sites listed at Traveler’s Guide.

And it’s easy to do. First, drag either one or two photographs onto your desktop screen. Then, log in, type a heading for your entry and add some text about it. Next, click on the ‘browse’ command, which will take you to your desktop where you can select your photograph(s).

Hit the Preview button to take a look at it, then make any changes you want before clicking on Confirm.

It’s that easy.

And if someone has a comment to help you along, it will appear just below your entry.

Give it a try – and have some fun connecting with your Arts & Crafts friends.

— Bruce Johnson

PS – The “Show & Tell” button is toward the top, just above The Marketplace!

See you next Monday!