Arts and Crafts Beneath a Layer of Dust

No exciting journeys to a Frank Lloyd Wright house or even reminiscing about sleeping in the Gamble House this week.

This past week we started our long anticipated kitchen remodeling.

In truth, it is more of a kitchen facelift, as we are not tearing out the tile floor or even removing the 15-year-old cherry cabinets. We have ripped out the 1990s Formica countertops, pulled out the noisy dishwasher, and discarded the discolored sink and rusty refrigerator. Then we tore out the sliding glass door that didn’t hardly slide anymore, and replaced a small over-the-sink window with a larger window to give us an even better view of Leigh Ann’s flower gardens on the knoll behind our house.

And when I say “we,” trust me, I have a team of experienced carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who keep me out of trouble — and out of the emergency room.

My job: Make daily trips to Home Depot and to the dumpster. And write checks.

Every now and then they even play nice and let me make a decision.

Usually right before I have to write another check.

But it’s going well and we’re all having fun. The crew, Leigh Ann, and I even cooked burgers on the grill for lunch one day.

The kitchen remodel hasn’t been without its challenges. The three new kitchen cabinets we ordered to create a peninsula arrived looking like they had fallen off the back of a truck, so had to be re-ordered and won’t be here until next week. But no one has gotten hurt, and other than turning our living room and dining room into storage units for the contents of our kitchen, the rest of the house has remained intact, with running water and electricity. Most of the time.

And we’re now on a first name basis with the servers at our local restaurants!

Check in next week for an update!

Until next Monday,

Have a great week!