Coming Back Down to Earth

I actually thought about skipping this Monday’s Little Journey, figuring that seven daily blogs over the course of the past week of the 29th National Arts and Crafts Conference would suffice, but after making another trip back up to the Grove Park Inn this morning to retrieve the last of our tubs, boxes, signs, and banners, writing sounded far more enjoyable than unpacking and reorganizing about twenty tubs of materials.

I think the question I was asked the most often yesterday was what I planned to do today in the wake of our largest and most successful Arts and Crafts Conference ever.

Well, once you get accustomed to getting up at five, there isn’t much you can do to prevent that from happening on your day off, so I started with a couple cups of coffee and a long walk along our creek with Daisy and Jasper. Then it was a trip up to the Grove Park Inn, which included an impromptu meeting with some of the hotel staff as well as some of my own.

And now all I can think about is lunch.

As well as the second most asked question of the day:

What am I going to do to mark the 30th anniversary celebration of the National Arts and Crafts Conference come next February 18-20?

It wasn’t a question that caught me off guard, for Alex, the Grove Park Inn staff and I have been working on next year’s conference since last November – as more than two hundred people have signed up for it knowing nothing more than the rates and the dates.

But as I have often said, I don’t hold anything back for an anniversary celebration. If I have what I think is a good idea, we use it.

We have started making a list of possible speakers and topics for 2017, but are looking forward to receiving suggestions from you on what you would like to see and hear next year.

So send us an email – and don’t wait until summer or fall to do it, for now is the time when ideas become plans.

Until next Monday,

Thanks for your loyal support!