Coming Up For Air

Boy, has this week slipped by fast.

It is already Thursday and I am just now writing my column and sending out the weekly blast.

To catch up on what happened at the end of the conference, it took until the wee hours of Monday morning to get the final exhibitor out of the Grand Ballroom and on his way back to California.

Regardless, I was up at five a few hours later, hooking my trailer up to my truck and making the drive back up Sunset Mountain to the Grove Park Inn. This time, however, I was retrieving more than thirty tubs and boxes of materials, plus banners, signs, computer, printer, and everything else required to run a national conference for four days.

Once back home, I unloaded everything into the garage, where Kate and I will, one by one, bring them up the stairs to our office and go through them, getting them ready for February 15-17, 2019.

And in case you are wondering, one third of the 510 rooms at the Grove Park Inn are already reserved for the 32nd National Arts and Crafts Conference. As I mentioned at the podium this year, in 2019 Valentine’s Day is the Thursday prior to the conference and President’s Day is the Monday afterwards. This means lots of couples who know nothing about Arts and Crafts will be making plans for a long weekend at the Grove Park Inn.

Which means if you delay, you might not find a room available at the inn. Just call (828) 252-2711.

As always, please do not delay in emailing me suggestions for your National Arts and Crafts Conference.

Until next week,

Thanks for your support – and forward this to a friend!


“Together we grow stronger.”