Excitement Growing on Sunset Mountain

With the National Arts and Crafts Conference just days away, the only journeys I’m making are up Sunset Mountain to the Grove Park Inn. There I meet with various departments about everything from security guards and parking to audio-visual equipment and breakfast seating.

Which made me realize that perhaps a brief update would be in order for this week’s column.

Pre-Conference Workshops – Laura Wilder’s Printmaking Workshop is sold out, and there are just a few spots available in the Coppersmithing, Embroidery, and Jewelry-Making workshops. You can read about them at www.Arts-CraftsConference.com, and register by calling Kate in our office at 828-628-1915.

Lodging – The Grove Park Inn remains sold out, but Asheville has several major hotels and motels with great off-season deals. There are too many to list here, but Google will provide you with everything you need to know to book a room for February 16-18.

Seminar Package – For anyone staying someplace other than the GPI, you need to call our office at 828-628-1915 to register for your three-day Conference Events Package ($160). This includes all six seminars, the daily Small Group Discussions, walking tours, demonstrations, daily entry to all three shows, the 88-page Conference Catalog, the 2019 poster, a canvas tote bag, and your 2018 wall calendar. What a deal!

Parking – Outdoor parking will be free, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to find. The smart thing to do if you are staying elsewhere is to have a driver drop you off at the front door.

Name Badges – If you received a Conference Packet, the final page is your name badge form. If you ignored it, you can expect to slow things up for everyone at the Registration Desk while Kate types one for you, for your name badge is your entry ticket to all conference events. Rather than mail it, either fax or scan and email it back today.

Silent Auction – This fun and exciting auction benefits Arts and Crafts researchers, many of whom end up being seminar presenters at future conferences. I’m sure you’ve got something packed away and forgotten that would inspire some spirited bidding. Email us a brief description and bring it along!

Meals – Lunch is easy, but dinner reservations are recommended for Friday and Saturday nights. For options, go to https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/asheville-grove-park/dining.

Schedule – If you have attended a previous conference or have studied our packed agenda, you know we have a reputation for starting every event on time. If you still wear one, you can set your watch by our schedule.

The Shows – Not every antiques dealer or artisan is set up to accept credit cards at the show, so it is always a good idea to bring both cash and checks. If you just want to shop the shows, you can pay $10 at the door:  Friday 1-6pm; Saturday Noon-6pm; and Sunday 11am-4pm.

Shipping – We provide a booth for the UPS Store for shipping small to medium sized items you purchase, and one for Vintage Transportation to handle large items, including furniture. Staffs from both firms will be in their booths in the antiques show in the Grand Ballroom during show hours.

As always check www.Arts-CraftsConference.com for details.

See you soon!