Grove Park Inn: Snow Today, Sunny & Sixty Next Week

As you no doubt have heard, the South is getting what those of you in the Northwest, the Midwest, and the Northeast have been getting since Thanksgiving: lots and lots of snow. As I am writing this on Wednesday morning, outside it looks like a Norman Rockwell calendar: big, fluffy flakes rapidly accumulating.

But before you begin to wonder how this will impact the Arts and Crafts Conference next week, here is the extended forecast:

Monday – Sunny – High 55 – Low 28

Tuesday – Sunny – High 58 – Low 36

Wednesday – Sunny – High 63 – Low 47

Thursday – Partly Sunny – High 65 – Low 50

Friday – Partly Sunny – High 65 – Low 44

Saturday – Partly Sunny – High 65 – Low 44

Sunday – Cloudy – High 63 – Low 44

I think we can deal with that, don’t you?

And in case you suddenly are in the mood for some Southern hospitality and Spring weather, check with the Grove Park Inn for room availability (828-252-2711) for the 27th National Arts and Crafts Conference.

Or if you are staying elsewhere, call our office at 828-628-1915 to register or ask any questions.

I’m tucked into my office with my cats and dogs and computer and hoping we don’t lose power!

Stayed tuned for updates right here!