It’s over, But the Memories Live On

Well, we just wrapped up another successful Arts &Crafts Conference, and everyone seemed to be heading home loaded with great memories, stories to tell, experiences to relate, brains teeming with new information and, of course, lots and lots of goodies.

The Arts & Crafts Conference has dominated these pages in recent weeks, not simply because I am involved with both the conference and this website, but because it has evolved from an ‘annual’ conference into our‘national’ conference.

For those of you who attended, I hope you will share some of your thoughts and experiences on the Discussion Forum here at One of the most valuable aspects of the Arts & Crafts Conference are our Small Group Discussions and I envision our Discussion Forums here being a 365-daySmall Group Discussion.

Also, for those of you who did not make it this year, we plan to have photos and possibly video clips up soon at I will keep you posted both here and there.

Right now we are making plans for next year and have already decided that on Friday night, February 18, we will have two simultaneous opening seminars. At eight o’clock I will lead one seminar just for first-through third-year attendees entitled “Arts & Crafts.101 – A Beginner’sGuide” while a yet-to-be-named speaker will be presenting a seminar for the more experienced attendees on a different topic. At nine o’clock we will push back the dividing wall, enabling both groups to enjoy the remaining seminar speakers the rest of the weekend as one large group.

The next major events on the Arts & Crafts radar screen is the annual American Art Pottery Association Convention, which will be held in Cleveland on April 21-25. This important event is a must-do for art pottery collectors, as it includes exhibitor sales, an auction, seminars, banquet and tours.

For more information, go to

Hope to see you there!

Bruce Johnson