Make It An Arts & Crafts Christmas or Hanukkah


Black Friday has come and gone, and I suspect most of you spent it the way we did – safe at home. I don’t mind getting up at four in the morning, but when I do its for something far more important – or enjoyable – than standing in line at WalMart.

Your holiday shopping probably begins in earnest these next few days, as the parking lots of the mega-stores return to normal, traffic patterns settle back into their predictable mode and frazzled nerves are soothed with eggnog and other libations.

While New Years Day has long been established as the time for personal resolutions, I would like to propose a December Resolution: make this an Arts & Crafts holiday.

Rather than wasting your time digging through the dregs at WalMart, trying to find a gift that doesn’t exist there for somebody on your list, seek out the Arts & Crafts antiques dealers and the craftsmen and craftswomen who really would appreciate some economic stimulus.

And they aren’t hard to find.

You can start right here at in the “Find It Here” section on the Home Page. Scroll down the list and start clicking your way through their websites, most of which now carry photographs, prices and descriptions of their current inventory. And you can email them for more information. (What sales clerk can do anything other than read a label to you, if that?)

With ample time for shipping, you can fill your virtual shopping cart without having to wonder whose germ-laden hands had been gripping it last. No standing in line, no new door dings in your car, no worry over duplicate gifts.

Just think about it – which would you rather receive: another sweater – or a Heintz vase? A gift certificate to Outback Steak House – or a piece of hand-thrown pottery? A toaster oven – or a block print to hang on your wall?

The people on your list would probably feel the same way.

Give them the opportunity to fall in love with Arts & Crafts.

Until next Monday, make a resolution!


PS – Don’t forget The Marketplace here, too!