Making Some Arts & Crafts Resolutions

I love Mondays.

I love the first day of the week, the first week of the month, the first month of the year.

And when all three come together at once as they have today, then I’m really excited.

Monday’s are like a fresh start. A clean slate. A blank piece of paper with endless opportunities.

I make small resolutions every Monday — lists, plans and goals for the next few days, but today is special because today is the first day of a new week, a new month and a new year. The disappointments of last year are thrown away with the final page of the calendar. In its place is a new page, a new appointment book with blank squares waiting to be filled in like spaces of a crossword puzzle.

And so, today, I am making my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012, a few of which I would like to share with you, perhaps so you might add one or two to your list.

I am resolved in 2012:

1.) to only buy Arts & Crafts gifts, vintage or contemporary, for friends and family;

2.) to never set foot, for any reason, in any Walmart store;

3.) to photograph and document my Arts & Crafts collection for my family and, if ever needed, for insurance purposes;

4.) to stay in closer touch with my parents, my siblings and my sons;

5.) to keep my life simple, eliminating any “needless ornamentation” and harmful stress.

And since this is the first week of January, I also need to finish my articles for the 25th edition of the Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference Catalog. This year’s edition will be 88 pages long, and if I want to have it waiting for you when you arrive at the Arts & Crafts registration desk next month, then I had better wrap this up and get busy.

Until next Monday,

Have a great week!