Post Conference Musings – and a Question

I normally have my weekly Monday column posted by 6:00am, but it was after midnight last night when we closed the door on the last exhibitor’s truck, turning the Grand Ballroom back over to the Grove Park Inn’s staff who by tonight will have it filled with bleachers and a dance floor for the annual Heritage Dance Classic competition.

Today I begin unpacking one-by-one my own three truckloads of tubs, boxes, and files, carefully culling through each one and making corrections and plans for the 28th annual Arts and Crafts Conference scheduled for February 20-22 next year.

As I drove home early this morning I felt like the Arts and Crafts Conference was a success, but I want to hear from you. Did we meet your expectations? Did we leave you wanting something else? Do you have a suggestion for next year?

I have often said, “This is your Arts and Crafts Conference,” so, please tell me what you would like to see next year, whether it has to do with any of the shows, seminars, small group discussions, workshops, tours, organization, staff, hotel, whatever!

Right now I’m going to cut this column short and get back to unpacking boxes and making lists for next year.

And reacquainting myself with my office companions, Daisy, Jasper, Percy, and Patches!

Thanks again for making the Arts and Crafts Conference a success!

And for all of you support and encouragement!

Until next Monday,

Thanks for stopping by!


Top: Laura Wilder leading her Printmaking Workshop.

Lower: John Toomey’s booth in the antiques show,