Redefining a Legacy

Random thoughts on a weekday afternoon:

The sign of a good chair is when you fall asleep in it. And a good wine.

Thank someone who helped you in your youth, before you can’t.

The greatest obstacle to getting anything done can be a tiny splinter.

You are not well-disciplined until you can let your phone ring without picking it up.

Ever notice how some people take the elevator to the exercise room?

I never knew anyone who got fired for being early.

Men would look much more intelligent if we wore pants without pockets.

My best ideas come after two glasses of wine; my worst after three.

The person who declared “Happy is the man who can make his living from his hobby” never did.

Never step on anything you can step over. Works on the trail too.

Best Father’s Day gift: a good pair of binoculars.

A basic joy in life is building a birdhouse.

Shoes should not be worn in the office. They constrict the brain.

Think of all the people in your life whose name you do not know.

My grandmother often told me, “If you want to get a letter, send one.” Same goes for compliments.

Until next Monday,

If you wait until you have enough time to do something, it will never get done.