Silent Auction Fever: Catch It!


Each year about this time we get a phone call from someone wanting to know if it is too early to sign up for next month’s National Arts and Crafts Conference.

Little do they know that around here, working on the Arts and Crafts Conference is a year-round task.

And that some of you make your reservation not one month in advance, but one year.

Each year for the past 33 years, we have tried to add a new dimension to the Arts and Crafts Conference. It began several years ago with daily Small Group Discussions, then expanded to include afternoon demonstrations, house tours, a book club, walking tours, educational display cases, hands-on workshops, and a silent auction to benefit the non-profit Arts and Crafts Research Fund.



The Arts and Crafts Research Fund has raised and distributed more than $125,000 to individuals and organizations devoting their time and energy into researching topics of interest to Arts and Crafts enthusiasts. Through the items you have donated and by the bids you have placed, the Silent Auction held on Friday and Saturday afternoons during the Arts and Crafts Conference has become one of the liveliest, most energetic events of the weekend.



If you are anything like me, you probably have a small Arts and Crafts item stuck in one of your closets or the bottom drawer of your Stickley sideboard. It might be a table runner you no longer display, a tile you no longer use, or a block print you no longer hang. Rather than leave them locked in darkness, why not make a tax-deductible donation and at the same time make another collector happy by giving new life to something you no longer need?

And further someone else’s research into the Arts and Crafts movement?

We make it very simple. If you have received our Pre-Conference Packet in the mail, simply fill out the Silent Auction form and return it to us. If not, you can simply email us a description of the item. Then either bring it with you to the Omni Grove Park Inn next month or send it to us (25 Upper Brush Creek Road, Fletcher, NC 28732) so that it arrives before February 14th.




We will credit you as being the donor at the Silent Auction and will provide you with a completed form for your tax return.

It’s a small way to help make a big difference.

Together we grow stronger.


Until next week,


“One good thing about donations:  once you do it, you get addicted to it because it brings great joy and happiness to you.” – Debasish Mridha