Sunday Morning: Conference Week

And then it was over — or nearly so.

For twelve months most of my thoughts, my plans, my worries, and my concerns were focused on reaching this day.

Would the weather cooperate?

Would the people come?

Would the exhibitors bring their best merchandise?

Would the speakers deliver as promised?

Would people find what they had to say relevant, insightful, and interesting?

Would collectors and exhibitors each leave feeling the trip to Asheville and the Grove Park Inn was worth the effort?

And the answer was yes.

Last night we opened their eyes to a field that has had little exposure when photographer Ralph Burns explored the world of fine art photography, then led them into the documentary film about George Masa, the Japanese-born photographer who lived in and around Asheville as he photographed the Appalachian Mountains and influenced those who would later make much of the area a national park.

And they loved the new information, the new insight.

If this Arts and Crafts had a theme, it would be Making Connections.

Connections between collectors. Connections between researchers and publishers, between readers and editors, between antiques dealers and collectors, between craftspeople and collectors, — and connections between us and those who shared our enthusiasm, our excitement, and our insight a hundred years ago.

And so today we have another morning of seminars, another afternoon of poking through booths, and day of forging friendships before we begin packing, already with thoughts and plans for meeting again next year here at the Grove Park Inn.

We leave just as we arrived: with a clear sky and bright sun above us, but with a difference, not just for what we have each learned these past few days, but for the connections we have made that will last a lifetime.

Until next time,

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