Time to Start a New Project – Or Two!

Well, despite anything you may have read here last week — or heard from my wife — I am ready to start a new project.

And I promise: I am going to finish this one!



I hope….

My Project: I am going to build a 70-foot long pergola the entire length of the west side of our 1970s stone-and-cedar ranch house.

And just to make sure that I do really finish it, I am going to document the entire process here at ArtsAndCraftsCollector.com.

Starting next Monday, June 27th, I will write about and illustrate on a daily basis the step-by-step process we are taking to build our pergola here at our “Around the House” regular feature.

Each day’s journal will be a thumbnail sketch of what went on that day, but my plan is to document in even greater detail the process in our latest addition to this website called “A Beginner’s Guide.”

Our website technicians are currently building A Beginner’s Guide, but the plan is to have approximately 14 images and accompanying paragraphs of text under each heading. Our current sample entry is entitled “Gustav Stickley Rocking Chairs.” We will be adding How To Build A Pergola, but will soon also include Beginner’s Guide entries for various collectibles, such as Roycroft metalware, Rookwood pottery, Stickley furniture, Heintz lamps, etc.

So, more changes, not only in the Johnson household, but here at Arts And Crafts Collector, too!

Stay tuned!

Many thanks,

And have a great week!