Tuesday Morning: Conference Week

It’s moving day.

The only problem is the other tenants haven’t moved out yet.

Anytime someone complains when the Grove Park Inn’s staff doesn’t always know the intricate workings of the Arts and Crafts Conference, I’ve often pointed out that we are but one weekend out of 52 each year for the staff at the Grove Park Inn. We really can’t expect them all to know which Small Group Discussion is being held on Saturday in the Laurel Room at 4:30pm.

(Answer: “Advice For New Furniture Collectors.”)

So, today I had to remind myself of that very same thing as I learned that a group I had hoped was checking out yesterday is, in fact, scheduled to remain in the hotel until later today.

So much for my plan to arrive mid-morning, unload the first of four truckloads of materials, and get settled in before the crew comes in first thing Wednesday to set up all of the pipe-and-draping, pegboards, and display cases for the exhibitors, who arrive on Thursday.

But not to be deterred, I got up at four this morning while the other group was still asleep, loaded my truck, and carted in the first truckload of materials before they were even awake. Right about now they are begin to fill the hallways, but I’m back home packing my second load, which I’ll bring over while they’re having lunch.


Not if I could be sure that in my absence everything would go perfectly tomorrow with the pipe-and-drape setup, as I could have waited until then to finish my load-in, but that would mean running the risk of having the crew set the room incorrectly. Trust me, you want to avoid having to walk into a gigantic ballroom at three in the afternoon and tell a tired crew that every row is off by three feet — and has to be dismantled and moved.

So, today I’ll slip in and out, unload my crates, have a meeting at four this afternoon with all of the department heads at the hotel, and then hold the door while the last of today’s group departs beneath the large green and white banner welcoming all of the Arts and Crafts attendees this weekend.

Until tomorrow,

Thanks for stopping by!


Top: One of the Contemporary Craftsfirms booths two years ago.

Lower: The Grand Ballroom before we arrive on Wednesday.