Wednesday Morning: Conference Week

Tuesday was uneventful, which is precisely what everyone wants when moving. The sun was shining, what little that remained of last week’s snow was melting, and everyone’s spirits were rising by the hour.

This weekend we are going to switch from snow showers to those spring showers that will bring our May flowers. But our jonquils and tulips are tired of waiting and are apt to start popping up next week, worried that if they don’t everyone will soon be paying attention to the dogwood blossoms rather than to them.

Such are our worries now that winter is, we hope, soon to be a distant memory.

But today I’ll remain indoors, supervising the setup of all 125 exhibitor booths in the Grand Ballroom, the nearby meeting rooms, and the hallways. Each exhibitor pre-orders their required tables, chairs, pegboards, easels, and display cases, then today we have a great crew who descends on the hotel, study my floor-plans and begin setting up each booth.

By the end of the day the entire eighth floor should be primed and ready for the exhibitors to arrive and begin unloading their trucks and vans on Thursday morning.

And the shows open on Friday at 1:00pm and run until 6:00pm, reopen at Noon on Saturday and again remain open until 6:00pm, then open at 11:00am on Sunday and close at 4:00pm. Tickets are $10 ($5 for students) and are good for all three days.

And as I had written many times before now, don’t miss this opportunity, as you can see more Arts and Crafts here in three days than most of us can in an entire year.

And check in tomorrow morning to see how setup goes today.

Until then,

Have a great day!