What Makes It Worthwhile For You?

I returned to the Grove Park Inn not once, but three times last week, each time to attend an event I had nothing to do with. I agreed to do so reluctantly, for after spending a week inside that wonderful Arts & Crafts hotel and seeing it filled with Arts & Crafts collectors, it is always disappointing to return to find it hosting a different event with a different group of people, few of whom really seem to understand and appreciate what it represents.

Back here in my office, we have spent most of the past three weeks sorting through paperwork, organizing files, reviewing each event that took place at this year’s conference and making plans for next year.

It is only 11 months away, right?

Those of you who attended this year’s Arts & Crafts Conference heard me ask, more than once, for suggestions for next year, our 25th anniversary Arts & Crafts Conference: topics, speakers, discussion groups, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitors, tours, format, whatever….

And while a few of you have responded thus far, most of you are still thinking about my request.

Well, its time to send me your thoughts.

Please, don’t wait for a formal survey. Just pop off an email telling me what you would like to see and hear next year.

But I also have another request and this is NOT for those of you who attended this year or any year in the past.

Those of you who have never attended any of the previous 24 Arts & Crafts Conferences at the Grove Park Inn, please, tell me what you would like to see or hear if you were to come next February.

What would it take for you to say, “This is the year we are going to the Grove Park Inn.”

If it works for you, chances are it would work for others, too.

So, take a minute and send me an email. Even though February seems a long ways off, most of our major decisions will be made in the next three months.

Thanks for your help!

– Bruce Johnson