Who Is “Arts & Crafts In August” For, Anyway?

by Kate Nixon


Kate Nixon, Director of Arts & Crafts In August and the National Arts and Crafts Conference and Shows at the Grove Park Inn.

Someone recently wrote to me, asking the question I get asked often: “This online lineup looks great, but who is this for? Aren’t people back to “in person” events now?

To answer this question, yes! Thank goodness. Historic sites, shows, local businesses; they are all opening their doors again. That’s why Bruce Johnson and I are returning to the Grove Park Inn on the last day of Arts and Crafts In August for a session about antiques to an in-person crowd and simultaneously presenting the session over Zoom. Let’s just say this process takes some preparation to pull off from all parties involved.

In holding rehearsal sessions via Zoom before Arts & Crafts In August kicks off on Saturday, the efforts made by artists, speakers, and discussion leaders are inspiring and tells me that a number of folks in this community are embracing both environments.

Take for example, the demonstrators, who are currently rearranging work spaces to accommodate devices with cameras in order to see both the view of someone’s office and the studio where large equipment waits to show attendees how an etching is made or how a book is bound.

Or take for example, our speakers, who at this very moment are putting finishing touches on their slides to be presented next week. Having seen a preview of many of these presentations, I am thrilled for my attendees to see them even if it’s on a screen.

Zoom sessions are still around simply because it’s convenient for anyone to participate in them. If you’re a fan of The Kalo Shop or Arts and Crafts jewelry in particular, you know that previous conference speaker Darcy Evon will have beautiful imagery to share. In fact, Darcy Evon, The Gamble House, stained glass artist John Hamm, and fine furniture maker Brian Brace are kicking off the first day’s activities on Saturday, August 5th! All it takes is a click of one link in your inbox for you to have access to their presentations and the chance to ask them questions live.

But again…who is this online conference for?


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Collectors of jewelry, antique books, textiles, metalwork, and pottery:  with live presentations scattered throughout the week on these subjects, collectors can reap the benefits of viewing these presentations either at home or on the go and a number of our leaders will have helpful resources for attendees to access. For those collectors who want an interactive experience: a Zoom show and tell with Dianne Ayres will allow you to show the textiles in your collection. After you register for the session, you can also send your pictures over to her via email in advance.

Makers: It’s a fine opportunity to see the skills of craftspeople like Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan furniture maker Brian Brace, Roycroft Master Artisan printmaker Holly Bird, bookbinder Dr. Jason Nairn and jewelry makers Tom Reardon and Kathleen Doyle. These talented artisans will demonstrate their skills and will answer your questions.

Bibliophiles: There are a number of authors presenting during the week like Dr. Richard Mohr, Bruce Austin, Robert Brunk, Robert Rust, Dianne Ayres, and more. You’ll be able to ask them questions live.

Researchers of the movement: Not only are several of the presenters researchers like you, but you can get inspired and find connections from within the community.

Any fan of these three simple words: Video. On. Demand.  There’s a wide variety of recordings of past sessions available on our special Video On Demand page, which is a perk for Online Events Passholders. Please note: if you sign up for a single session, you only get access to that recording.

Click here to see an example of a recording of one of our past sessions on the topic of historic preservation.

Whether you go for the full online events pass or for single session registration, there’s a lot waiting for you in this conference, starting August 5th. Still have questions? Email me at [email protected].

Hope to see you online!