A Month-Long Stickley Celebration, Hubbard’s Story, and Wright’s Works Digitally Recreated

compiled by Kate Nixon


Even though “Arts and Crafts Month” came to a close 8 days ago, the momentum continues through March as a month-long birthday celebration gets underway (Gustav Stickley’s birthday anniversary is March 9th!), the story of Elbert Hubbard is told in the Roycroft Campus’s latest history course this month, and two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings once demolished are brought back to life using modern CGI technology. Weekend classes, CGI magic, and an Arts and Crafts icon’s birthday during the month of March and the weekend at a glance: read on to see what you can experience this month.


The Roycroft Campus Corporation: The Life of Elbert Hubbard Explored & Coffee with a Curator

This weekend (March 12th – 14th) will mark the beginning of the latest virtual Roycroft History Course: “Elbert Hubbard: His Life and Inspiration. The latest offering from East Aurora’s own Roycroft Campus, the course explores Hubbard’s origins through his rise to Arts and Crafts Movement icon to his fateful voyage. The history course is $50.00 for the general public and includes registration for all four sessions of the course. As a thank you to members of the Roycroft Campus, this course is Free for members. All the proceeds will go to support educational programming and the restoration of the Roycroft Campus.

The first course starts March 13th, exploring “The Early Years” of Elbert Hubbard including a look at his family life, his Midwest youth, his time with the Larkin Soap Company, and elements of his personal life. The following Saturday, the course will continue with “Inspirations and New Beginnings” where the charismatic Hubbard starts to write and develop the first Roycroft Print Shop.

Click here to register for “Elbert Hubbard: His Life and Inspiration”: https://www.roycroftcampuscorporation.com/learn/roycroft-lecture-series/


The Roycroft Campus will additionally bring back “Coffee with a Curator” March 27th  at 12:00 PM Eastern where Roycroft curators Amizetta Haj and Amanda Falkowski share favorite artifacts from the Roycroft’s historic collection. Tickets are $20.00 each and benefit the continued preservation of the Roycroft’s collection of historic artifacts.

Click here to register for “Coffee with a Curator”: https://www.roycroftcampuscorporation.com/product/coffee-with-a-curator-our-favorite-things/



Frank Lloyd Wright Trust: “The Lost Works” Recreated Through CGI

A look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Imperial Hotel, a building that infamously withstood the devastating Kanto Earthquake on opening day September 1st, 1923. The video shows sweeping exterior and interior views of the building recreated through CGI.


While the Architecture Tours of Chicago’s Frank Lloyd Wright Trust Organizations begin to open up in limited capacity at Wright’s Home and Studio, Robie House and Bach House, the trust has continued to make available online educational content and the latest makes use of impressive computer generated imagery to show the breathtaking nature of a few Wright-designed buildings that have been demolished.

In this latest online offering from the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, the demolished and unrealized structures of Frank Lloyd Wright have been brought to life by digital animation in two videos titled “Frank Lloyd Wright: The Lost Works – Demolished and Unrealized Buildings.” Made free to the public to watch, the two videos reveal the Wright-designed exteriors and interiors of two buildings – The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and the Larkin Adminstration Building in Buffalo, New York – both lost due to demolition come to life through a sweeping detailed computer-generated tour of each site.

Based on a Japanese publication of original plans and historical photos, this comprehensive digitally-animated recreation of Wright’s masterpiece which was two years in the making, serves as a breathtaking reminder of the buildings that

To view the two videos, click on the link below:


Also available on the Frank Lloyd Wright website is an online exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan, revealing photographs of Wright in 1905 Japan from the Trust’s archive. Titled “1905: Japan Through the Lens of Frank Lloyd Wright,” this gallery shows archival photos taken by Wright on his first journey to Japan in 1905, viewing the houses, shrines, gardens and more that would ignite his inspiration and that influence would find its way into the designs he would become known for.

To view the exhibition, click here


The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms: A Stickley Birthday Celebration

Since March 9th is Gustav Stickley’s birthday, The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms is celebrating his birthday — and for the price of $10, collectors can celebrate too by “giving a gift for Gus”! At the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms website, those interested can become a Stickley Sustainer by purchasing a $10 monthly contribution to the Stickley Museum, purchase a $10 ticket to rent the Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman documentary from First Run Features, or purchase a Stickley enamel mug!

To get inspired for ways to celebrate Gustav Stickley’s birthday, click here!

Shop the class archive at any time!

While the next course from the online classroom at the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms is still in development mode, interested students, collectors and enthusiasts can order archived recordings of each class from the archive in the meantime. Starting from the series’ beginning in April of 2020 last year, those interested can purchase recordings of classes from a large variety of subjects including the first of the series Living The Simple Life to exploring the Craftsman Utopia to celebrating the women of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Making Her Mark.

Select your class recording for purchase: https://www.stickleymuseum.org/learn/programs-for-adults/