A Roycroft Raffle and MAACM Turns Two!

by Kate Nixon



Roycroft Raffle Drawing

August 31st, 2023 at 6:00 PM Eastern

The Power House, East Aurora, New York (live drawing can be seen via live stream as well)

To buy tickets: call (716) 655-0261, purchase at the Copper shop gallery or visitor’s center, or email HERE to explore buying tickets online.



In recent years, the Roycroft Campus has dedicated work to the restoration of its own Copper Shop Gallery, a museum dedicated to the history and works of founder Elbert Hubbard and the early artists, and added its newest event venue and educational and maker space the Castiglia Art Center to its historic campus. Since the revival of the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1970s, the campus has raised funds for countless restoration projects to keep the historic campus an educational center and functional to the contemporary Roycroft artists; a fundraiser that annually helps fund the restoration efforts will holds its raffle this week.

The annual Roycroft Restoration Raffle will officially draw the winning tickets this Thursday, August 31st at the Power House – and can be seen via live stream as well. One ticketholder of the hybrid drawing can win a grand prize of $10,000. Additionally, five other tickets will be drawn for a $1,000 prize each. There is a maximum number of 450 tickets sold – each ticket is sold for $100.00.

One of the large 2023 projects underway at the Roycroft Campus is restoring the historic Print Shop, a building that was purchased back by the Roycroft Campus from private ownership. Built in 1901, this 24,000 square foot L-shaped structure was solely used for the purpose of Roycroft printing and bookmaking; all processes from typesetting, collating, folding, binding in addition to the studio of Dard Hunter and the offices of Elbert and Alice Hubbard. Plans to repaint the exterior mortar and stone, restore the roof, and install new copper gutters are well underway. The interior of the Press room has already gone through reconstruction utilizing original Roycroft equipment and plans to renovate the Print shop tower and install a replica skylight started this past spring.

To buy tickets: call (716) 655-0261, purchase at the Copper shop gallery or visitor’s center, or email HERE to explore buying tickets online.






Discounted Admission, Lecture on MAACM’s Architecture at MAACM for Second Anniversary

Thursday, September 7 – Saturday, September 9: Discounted admission tickets are $10!



I think the arts and crafts movement is alive and well, but not without its challenges. Public understanding and appreciation among those real concerns. One of the key concepts integrated into MAACM’s mission statement is its commitment to education… I continue to work to help make as many people as possible come to understand the importance and, really, the history, beauty, artists and craftsmanship involved with the art of this movement.


– MAACM and The Two Red Roses Collection founder Rudy Ciccarello in an interview with Tampa Magazine


The site of one of the most important Arts & Crafts collections in the world is turning two on September 7th — and the museum is celebrating with discounted admission!

From Thursday, September 7th through Saturday, September 9th, general admission to the Museum of the American Arts & Crafts Movement will be $10.00 for adults. General admission includes viewing the Two Red Roses collection, 50-minute long public tours of the museum, and the current exhibitions. Current exhibitions include Arthur Wesley Dow: His Beloved Ipswich: Photographs, Paintings, and Prints as well as the new Dignity and Grace: These Humbler Metals focusing on the metalwork selections of the Two Red Roses Foundation.

In a recent interview with Tampa Magazine, MAACM and The Two Red Roses Foundation founder Rudy Ciccarello revealed the new metalwork exhibition as well as what is in store for the month of November. “Our newest exhibition, on display now is called “Dignity and Grace: These Humbler Metals.” It is an assemblage of more than 300 Arts and Crafts metalwork objects. In November, “The Arts and Crafts Masterpieces from the collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation” will present twelve unique, historically important objects, never exhibited before and not to be found in any other museums.”

On Saturday, September 9th at 2:00 PM, there will be a special lecture at the museum with Alberto Alfonso of Alfonso architects on bringing the MAACM building to life in Architecture in Conversation: Alberto Alfonso. The special lecture ticket will be $20 total per person for the admission to the museum and to the lecture; click here to purchase a special lecture ticket that includes admission to the museum on Saturday, September 9th.

Please see the calendar link found here for purchasing general admission, tickets to special events, and other events at MAACM.