Exploring Roycroft Works And the Stories Behind Them, Book Printing, Art Pottery and More: Live Offerings for Arts & Crafts In August

by Kate Nixon



Explore Art Pottery, discuss the life of Elbert Hubbard and the works of the Roycrofters, see a tour of a special Arts & Crafts house and more during the upcoming Arts & Crafts in August: A Virtual Experience week long event during the first week of August. From August 1st through the 8th, each day will contain live discussion groups held over Zoom led by experts and important figures in the Arts & Crafts community like Robert Rust, Ted Bosley, Peter Copeland, David Rudd, Elaine Ellis, Riley Humler, Jim Messineo and others who give meaningful insight into the study of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The week-long event will be similar in format to the month-long Arts and Crafts Conference which we held this past February. Included in the cost of a participant pass for the event will be seminars, discussions, and tours, as well as an Arts and Crafts Antiques Show, a Contemporary Craftsfirms Show, and a Historic Sites and Organizations Show.

A favorite element of the virtual National Arts and Crafts Conference was the daily live Small Group Discussions held over Zoom; it was a chance for like-minded collectors to connect with each other, watch presentations from the experts 0f the collecting world and get the chance to ask questions of them in real time from all over the country. In this spirit of reconnecting collectors in a time where travel was limited and Zoom meetings are easy to access, the live sessions will return in August with the same format and a different roster of live discussion group leaders and presenters who will present live from England, East Aurora, Chicago, Pasadena and other locations from across the country. We’ve listed a few of the highlighted live sessions below.

In addition to these new Live sessions offered, Arts & Crafts In August participants will also be able to access all recorded events from this past February’s virtual conference using our Video On Demand page. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the conference OR didn’t get a chance to watch everything, now you can get an extra 3 weeks as we are extending our VOD access for participant passholders until August 22nd!


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Upcoming Highlights


Wednesday, August 4th at 3 PM Eastern

“LIVE from the Roycroft Museum” will reveal the stories behind exclusive objects made by the Roycrofters not included in the collections of East Aurora’s Roycroft Campus. The audience will be treated to a brief 10-minute tour of the museum and then curators will present a live exploration of a few Roycroft artifacts with special stories behind them, unknown to many of the campus’ visitors. Unique exhibits from the Roycroft Campus’ historic collection will also be shown. Lastly, audience members should come prepared with questions for the Q&A portion at the end of this special session.


Andre Chaves will discuss his book printing process with a special presentation and Question and Answer session during the Arts and Crafts In August week-long event.

Friday, August 5th at 3 PM Eastern

“All That’s Fit to Talk About Printing” will explore the early world of book printing with printer Andre Chaves. You may remember Chaves from his seminar this past February “Something Borrowed, Something New: The West Coast’s Contribution to the Movement” with his introduction by  ; his private Letterpress studio “The Clinker Press” is where Chaves produces prints based on art and literature, also including books, poster art, and pamphlets inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement.


Saturday, August 7th at 3 PM Eastern

An image of the Roycrofters’ founder Elbert Hubbard. Hubbard’s life is explored during the film “Elbert Hubbard: An American Original” a documentary that will be discussed during Arts & Crafts In August.

The documentary “Elbert Hubbard: An American Original” debuted in 2009, but 12 years later, the name Elbert Hubbard continues to bring meaning to collectors – and we will discuss his life and contributions live with Roycroft Historian and author Robert Rust. Those interested can watch the documentary online, free of charge on your local PBS affiliate’s website.


Sunday, August 8th at 1 PM Eastern

“From Mid-Century to Arts & Crafts: A Tour of Ray Stubblebine and Ula Ilnytzky’s House” will show the process of renovating and transforming a house of one style into a dream Arts & Crafts house. Longtime Arts & Crafts Conference attendees and supporters Ray Stubblebine and Ula Ilnytzky give a tour of their house and are on hand live to answer questions about their journey to create their gem of a house.


To see the schedule for our other events including “Collecting American Art Pottery” with Jim Messineo, “Elements of Design” with David Rudd, and “Historic Sites Updates” click the link below to see the schedule.

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