Four Workshops Offered at National Arts and Crafts Conference

At the 31st National Arts and Crafts Conference to be held February 16-18 at the historic Arts and Crafts Omni Grove Park Inn overlooking Asheville, NC, we don’t just pay lip-service to the Arts and Crafts mantra:  “Head, Heart and Hand.”

We stimulate our minds with fresh research in six seminar presentations, plus lively discussions in more than 30 weekend discussion groups. We increase our heart rate with the sight of thousands of items, both vintage and contemporary, which embrace the Arts and Crafts philosophy of hand-craftsmanship, designs inspired by nature, and permanence through quality materials.

And we provide opportunities on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning before the conference for those who want to use their hands to make either a piece of embroidery, block printed cards, hand hammered metalware, or a piece of jewelry.

Since these workshops are hands-on, we purposely limit class size to around 15 people, so that you get all of the attention each of our instructors – Ann Chaves (Textile Embroidery, shown below), Laura Wilder (Block Printmaking), Frank Glapa (Coppersmithing, shown above), and Ron VanOstrand (Jewelry Making) – are anxious to give you.

Details about each workshop are included at the link at the bottom of this page, which will take you directly to our sister website:

Here, though, is the schedule for the February 15-16 Pre-Conference Workshops:

Thursday, February 15   2:00-5:00pm

“Block Printmaking” with Laura Wilder         Part 1 of 2.

“Coppersmithing” with Frank Glapa              Part 1 of 2.

Friday, February 16   8:00-11:00am

“Block Printmaking” with Laura Wilder         Part 2 of 2.

“Coppersmithing” with Frank Glapa              Part 2 of 2.

“Jewelry Making” with Ron VanOstrand       One session.

Friday, February 16   8:30am-3:00pm

“Textile Embroidery” with Ann Chaves          One session.


Since these classes do fill up quickly, we only do phone registration. To reserve a spot, simply call Bruce Johnson’s office at (828) 628-1915.

Do learn more about each of these workshops and to view additional photographs, please go to:

Head, Heart and Hand!

Bruce Johnson, Director