“I’m Looking For . . . . “ AND Arts & Crafts Show & Tell ADDED to the Schedule!


With the start of Week Two of our four-week virtual 34th National Arts and Crafts Conference and Shows, we continue to keep thinking of new ideas, as well as how to incorporate your suggestions into our agenda.

Our selling shows feature Exhibitor Profile Boxes which tell you a little about each of our exhibitors, but one attendee wanted to know how she could let our exhibitors know specifically what she is looking for.



And so, we now have at our Facebook page for the National Arts and Crafts Conference a feature called “I’m Looking For … ”

This is intended for collectors to post a specific item you are hoping to find, such as “a Roycroft-GPI dining chair” or “a Kalo silver water pitcher.” You simply go to our Facebook page and type a brief description of the item as a comment, but without any of your personal contact information. If any of our exhibitors or other collectors have what you are looking to find, they will contact you using the private Messenger option when they click on your description.

Please do not use this feature to advertise items you have for sale, as this is not the intent of this feature. If anyone mis-uses it, we will simply delete the post and kidnap your cat.

Please click HERE to visit our Facebook Page and use our “I’m Looking For…” feature.




Arts & Crafts Show & Tell – for Paid Conference Participant Passholders

Sunday, February 21, at 3:00pm EST/12:00 pm Pacific

Zoom links in the password-protected Conference Homepage Portal


Every piece has a story and on Sunday, February 21, at 3:00pm EST/12:00 pm Pacific, conference participant passholders will have a chance to show one another one of your favorite pieces in your collection, along with a less-than-one-minute story and/or description of it. Or you might want to show a mystery piece you hope someone in our audience can help you identify.

Fair warning:  no requests for an appraisal or dollar value of your item.



We will do as many as we can in our 60- to 80-minute Zoom session, which is why you have to be prepared to keep your description and story brief and to the point. We do have a mute button!!!

Obviously, this will work best for smaller items which you can hold in front of the lens of your computer. If you are planning to show something large, such as a bookcase or chandelier, you should either have a photo print to hold up, or are agile enough to smoothly direct your lens at the stationary piece while you are speaking.

Regardless, I recommend a few minutes of practice. Go to Zoom, sign in, click on “Host a Meeting – With Video On” and practice by yourself holding your item in front of your computer. You will then be seeing what we will be seeing when your turn comes to speak.


A contemporary Eric Olson vase.


We have no idea how many people will want to participate, so if you have a second item available, have it ready, and we will circle back around to you after everyone has had a chance to show their first item.


Many thanks for your support!


Bruce Johnson

Conference Director