New Owners Take Over at Modern Bungalow

From the Colorado Arts & Crafts Society Newsletter:

Arts and Crafts collectors and enthusiasts in the Denver area have long come to reply on and appreciate the Modern Bungalow store, located at 2594 S. Colorado Blvd.

With the change of the seasons comes a big change at Modern Bungalow as well. Kate and Ed Sultan (below, right) are turning over the reins of Modern Bungalow to a new team. Danielle Sandusky and Matt Hubbard (below, left) are the excited bungalow enthusiasts and new owners. Modern Bungalow officially changed hands on October 3rd, but Kate and Ed have still been seen in the store, graciously easing the transition, both for the new owners and their longtime customers.

As Ed and Kate explained, “As we wrap up this chapter of our life, it’s time for us to move back East where we can be near our older family members and the newer generations of our families as well. We will miss Denver and all of the friends we have made – not to mention the great weather! Modern Bungalow has been a labor of love for the two of us and we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for the great memories we will keep forever. We are incredibly grateful for the 13 wonderful years we’ve had at Modern Bungalow. We feel so very fortunate to have met so many great friends thru the years.”

New owners Danielle Sandusky and Matt Hubbard added, “About three years ago, we decided we wanted to stop working for other people, so we began to look for a business to purchase. We looked at a lot of good businesses. We looked at a lot of bad businesses. We never found the product, brand, and customer mix we felt we could be passionate about.

“Then Julie Leidel called. Everyone should have a Julie Leidel in their life. Julie left an enthusiastic message about a little store she knows. She introduced us to Kate and Ed, and from our first meeting this opportunity was different. Modern Bungalow had what we were looking for: a community of artists, builders and enthusiasts with whom we share a passion for the Craftsman style. We decided to buy Modern Bungalow.

“The process was challenging, but we weathered it together. I feel like we are a team of four, as Kate and Ed have been so generous, as Danielle and I learn the business. And we all share the same goal: keeping Modern Bungalow a home for all those who love craftsman style.

“Why are we drawn to American Craftsman? We live in a 1925 bungalow. Need we say more? As we work to restore our house to its original glory, we look forward to hearing your stories and projects. Come by the store and say hello, as we look forward to serving our community over the years to come.”