Our Hearts Belong to Stickley!

For more years than I can recall, the staff from the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms has organized a Thursday night Arts and Crafts Conference Kick-Off Party prior to the official opening on Friday. Last week I asked executive director Vonda Givens what we can look forward to this year, and here is her response:

“At the National Arts & Crafts Conference in 2018, the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms will be hosting a new holiday event: the Post-Valentine’s Day party, a.k.a. our annual Grove Park Inn Kick-Off Party. As you might have guessed, the party is set for Thursday, February 15. We’ll be gathering at 6:30pm in the Skyline Room of the Grove Park Inn. We hope you’ll join the fun!

“Of course, our hearts belong to Gustav Stickley, but whatever your romantic status, we’ll have you covered. Bluegrass, beer and barbeque! All three are perfect for celebrating your love or drowning your sorrows.

“And we’ll end the evening sharing our passion for all things Stickley with the Arts & Crafts Trivia Challenge. Bring your trivia smarts and your game face, and you might just lead your table to victory in this friendly table vs. table competition. After all, what could possibly feel better than true love?… Winning!

“Kick-off your GPI Weekend with a good time for a good cause! Tickets are $140 per person. Net proceeds support the maintenance and operations of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms.

“Register at http://www.stickleymuseum.org/support/gpi-kick-off-party.html or call the museum’s administrative office at 973.540.0311.”

And if you have already made your Arts and Crafts Conference reservation, you will receive in the mail this week your Conference Packet of Information. Inside you will find a registration form for the Stickley Museum’s Thursday night dinner and party.

For more information on the National Arts and Crafts Conference and Shows, go to www.Arts-CraftsConference.com or call (828) 628-1915.