Pre-Conference Workshops for the Maker in Us All

**This article has been edited to reflect change in information to the Coppersmithing workshop: the cost will not include a take home kit.


In helping to continue the Arts & Crafts philosophy of “Head, Heart and Hand”, each year we offer individuals who are planning to arrive early to the National Arts & Crafts Conference the opportunity to take a pre-conference workshop. These workshops are hands-on and are designed to give you the chance to make something for you or your home. This year at the 32nd National Arts and Crafts Conference, our popular workshops on Embroidery, Coppersmithing, Jewelry-Making, and Printmaking will be offered on Valentine’s Day and the first day of the Conference. These popular workshops do have a limited number of spaces and often times will fill up before the conference, so be sure to register ahead of time by calling Bruce Johnson’s office at (828) 628-1915.

Please note: the registration fee for these workshops are NOT included in the cost of a conference events pass or a Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Weekend package and sign up for these workshops must be done over the phone using the phone number above. For further instructions on how to register for your workshop of preference, see instructions below the descriptions or visit the “Conference Info” section of website at


Arts & Crafts Printmaking with Laura Wilder

Have you ever wanted to attempt printmaking, but never had the opportunity? Now is your chance to learn from a master Artisan! Award-winning printmaker Laura Wilder covers the basics of printmaking in a two-part workshop where you will design and create your own note cards. During this two-part class, you will amaze yourself by carving and printing two linoleum blocks, one for each color, and printing your own two-color note cards. Designs will be provided, or you can bring your own sketches. Laura will demonstrate the steps, and as you work, she will tell stories of triumph and tragedy, using some of her own prints to illustrate.  And she will provide you with your own block printing kit to take home so you can continue on your own printmaking journey long after the conference weekend has ended. Included in the cost for this workshop is a take home printmaking kit – for cost rates, see the registration fees below.


Coppersmithing: Arts & Crafts Style with Frank Glapa

Experience the coppersmithing basics with Frank Glapa in a two-part workshop Thursday and Friday. The popular workshop covers basics of copper repousse techniques. Your materials will be waiting for you as Frank guides you through the process of hammering and shaping your copper “tile” into an incredible piece of Arts & Crafts metalwork. Classic designs will be provided to fit the 4×4 copper tile. Professional coppersmithing tools are available for purchase at an additional cost, but are completely optional as everything to complete the project will be provided for you. See the registration fees below.


Arts & Crafts Embroidery with Natalie Richards

Natalie Richards will be teaching the embroidery workshop with a brand new design! The creator of Paint-by-Threads (also exhibiting in the 2019 Conference) will teach a two-part workshop on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning with a take home embroidery kit so that you can repeat your success at the workshop at your leisure! The class will be geared toward not only individuals new to embroidery, but attendees that have taken previous embroidery workshops – so there’s something for beginning AND intermediate level hobbyists. The class will focus on perfecting prominent stitches present in historic Arts & Crafts textiles. The different stitches will be demonstrated individually followed by hands-on application with assistance from Natalie.  The cost of the workshop includes a take home embroidery kit – for cost rates, see the registration fees below.


Introduction to Metalsmithing/Jewelry Making with Ron VanOstrand

Ron VanOstrand, a master metal worker and jewelry maker, returns to the Grove Park Inn to offer his expertise in his workshop “Introduction to Metalworking and Jewelry-Making.” This is a light workshop to introduce students to some of the tools and techniques used in the production of art metal objects and jewelry. Chasing, repoussé, stamping, sawing and hammering techniques will be used by students to craft keychains, pendant drops, or other small objects or jewelry. The workshop is a “hands on” experience with demonstrations. Students are encouraged to take projects in their own direction or to follow the instructor’s example.

Ron VanOstrand is a Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan in metal, and an art teacher with two decades of teaching experience. He has been a seminar presenter on Art Metal techniques twice in recent years at the Conference.

All materials are provided, and students will leave with at least one completed project. Tools provided remain the property of the instructor.


How to Register

In order to sign up and register for the workshops, please call our offices at (828) 628-1915. We will take credit card payments over the phone – and we will process the payment through our SquareUp Card Processing app. You can alternatively write a check to Wood Care Inc. for the enrollment amount:


Arts & Crafts Printmaking with Laura Wilder (Thursday February 14th 2:00pm – 5:00pm AND Friday February 15th 8:00am – 11:00am) – $190.00 per participant

Coppersmithing: Arts & Crafts Style with Frank Glapa (Thursday February 14th 2:00pm – 5:00pm AND Friday February 15th 8:00am – 11:00am) – $190.00 per participant

Arts & Crafts Embroidery with Natalie Richards (Thursday February 14th 2:00pm – 5:00pm AND Friday February 15th 8:00am – 11:00am) – $190.00 per participant

Introduction to Metalsmithing/Jewelry Making (FRIDAY ONLY 8:00am – 11:00am) – $90.00 per participant


*Please keep in mind, if you are planning on staying at the Grove Park Inn THURSDAY NIGHT during your time at the pre-conference workshops, please keep in mind that reservations are filling up fast due to the Valentine’s Day holiday. Remember, the Grove Park Inn will host other non-conference attendees who are making reservations as well, so please make your reservations now rather than later. Otherwise, please see our lodging page for information about where to stay aside from the Grove Park Inn. Visit our website for more information!

Once again, it’s important to remember that these workshops do have a limited number of spaces, so make sure you sign up as soon as you can!