Roycroft Seminar Series Announced


Last fall, the Roycroft Campus Corporation examined four of the giants of the Arts & Crafts movement:  John Ruskin, William Morris, Gustav Stickley and Elbert Hubbard II. This semester’s program will take an in-depth look at the life of Elbert Hubbard, the man who built the Roycroft campus into one of the longest lasting Arts and Crafts communities.



Four examinations will include Elbert Hubbard’s time growing up in the Midwest, his work at the Larkin Soap Company in Buffalo, and the formation of the Roycroft campus in East Aurora. We will look at the people and ideas that inspired him, as well as some of the contradictions of his life. Roycroft Program Director Alan Nowicki will lead each Zoom class on Saturday mornings at 11:00am in March and April.


Elbert Hubbard: His Life and Inspirations


March 13th – Session 1: The Early Years: Week One will explore Elbert’s parents and siblings, his youth growing up in the Midwest, and his time with the Larkin Soap Company. We will learn of his first wife Bertha Crawford, his love for horses, and the move to East Aurora, New York.

March 20th – Session 2: Inspirations and New Beginnings: Week Two will examine the people, ideas, and travel that inspired Elbert to leave the Larkin Soap Company and begin to write, eventually leading to the construction of the first Roycroft Print Shop.



April 3rd – Session 3: The Roycroft Message: With the publishing of “A Message to Garcia,” Hubbard becomes known worldwide. The Roycroft campus would continue to expand at a rapid pace, spreading their hand-crafted products and philosophy around the country — until a scandal almost destroys everything.



April 10th – Session 4: From Big Ideas to a Final Voyage: Multiple changes in leadership, technology, and philosophy at the Roycroft lead to new products, clients, commissions, and trouble. As Elbert navigated between his personal happiness, his beliefs, and keeping the Roycroft running, fate catches up to him.



The four-part Roycroft History Course is $50 for the general public. The Roycroft Members price would normally be $40, but as a special thank you for those supporting us over this past year we are offering this program FREE for Roycroft Members. Registration is still required.

Members should call the Roycroft Campus to register for this program for FREE. Please call the same number to become a member: (716)  655-0261.

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