Sessions on Art Pottery, Collecting Prints, Historic Sites, Metalware, and More: Arts & Crafts In August

by Kate Nixon


In February of 2021, the National Arts & Crafts Conference & Shows went virtual for one month, offering live Zoom discussion groups, seminars, featured videos, virtual tours, and demonstrations – and now “Arts & Crafts In August” continues that same format this week with 13 new Zoom discussion groups, seminars, a demonstration and access to the library of recorded sessions from February’s virtual conference.

Starting August 1st, special Zoom sessions and videos will be made available for those with “Arts & Crafts In August” participant passes throughout the week, offering a wide range of topics from art pottery to furniture to metalware to home design. Below is a categorized list of live sessions and scheduled seminars.

All times listed are Eastern time zone.


  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of Collecting Prints and Paintings” with Marc Williams – Thursday, August 5th at 3 PM (Zoom)
  • “Woodblock printing Demo” and “Producing Notecards” by Yoshiko Yamamoto (pre-recorded)
  • “Shopping for Arts & Crafts Wallpaper, 1907 – 1910” by Bo Sullivan – Friday, August 6th at 1 PM (Zoom)
  • “Frances Gearhart: Sister, Teacher, Artist” by Susan Futterman – Saturday, August 7th (pre-recorded)


Art Pottery
  • “Collecting American Art Pottery” with Jim Messineo – Tuesday, August 3rd at 1 PM (Zoom)
  • “Crossing the Line: When Art Pottery Becomes Arts & Crafts Pottery” by Ulysses Dietz – Tuesday, August 3rd (pre-recorded)
  • “Collecting Rookwood” with Riley Humler – Thursday, August 5th at 1 PM (Zoom)


Exhibitor Chats
  • “Virtual Art Studio Tour, Art Techniques & Processes” with Julie Leidel – Tuesday, August 3rd at 3 PM (Zoom)
  • “Finishing Touches: Hand-painted Friezes and Wall Ornament for Arts & Crafts Homes” with CJ Hurley and Barbara Pierce – Thursday, August 5th at 4:30 PM (Zoom)
  • “Coffee With a Craftsman” with Brian Brace – Sunday, August 8th at 10 AM (Facebook)


  • “The Hidden Corners of the Gamble House” with Ted Bosley and Jennifer Trotoux – Sunday, August 1st (pre-recorded)
  • “Victorian vs. Arts & Crafts” and “The Stickley Difference” with Amanda Clifford – Monday, August 2nd (pre-recorded)
  • “Elements of Design: Identifying Furniture Without a Shopmark” with David Rudd – Monday, August 2nd at 3 PM (Zoom)


History of Arts and Crafts
  • “1901: The Year that Set the Arts & Crafts Movement into Action” by Bruce Johnson – Sunday, August 1st (pre-recorded)


Historic Sites
  • “Exploring Great Britain: My Favorite Places” with Elaine Ellis of Arts & Crafts Tours – Sunday, August 1st at 3 PM (Zoom)
  • “The Hauberg Estate: An Arts & Crafts Gem” – Tuesday, August 3rd (pre-recorded)
  • “Historic Site Updates” with Vonda Givens and David Rudd – Wednesday, August 4th at 1 PM (Zoom)


Home Design
  • “From Mid-Century to Arts & Crafts: A Tour of Ray and Ula’s House” with Ray Stubblebine and Ula Ilnytzky


  • “Not a Bulb Will Be Seen: The Evolution of Arts & Crafts Lighting” by David Kornacki – Thursday, August 5th (pre-recorded)


  • “My Favorite Arts & Crafts Reference Books” by Peter Copeland – Monday, August 2nd at 1 PM (Zoom)
  • “All That’s Fit To Talk About Printing” with Andre Chaves – Friday, August 6th at 3 PM (Zoom)


  • “Don’t Touch It! Caring for your Arts & Crafts Metalware” with Bryan Mead – Saturday, August 7th at 1 PM (Zoom)


  • “Live from the Roycroft Museum: The Stories Behind the Collection” with Roycroft curators Amizetta Haj, Amanda Falkowski, and Alan Nowicki – Wednesday, August 4th at 1 PM (Zoom)
  • “The Art & Craft of Hubbard’s Roycroft” by Alan Nowicki (pre-recorded)
  • Film Discussion – “Elbert Hubbard: An American Original” with Robert Rust – Saturday, August 7th at 3 PM (Zoom)


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