The Latest from The Museum of The American A&C Movement

Major news out of St. Petersburg, Florida as we learn construction will now be underway on the massive Museum of the American Arts & Crafts Movement!

The signing of the contract between Ciccarello’s American Craftsman Museum and Gilbane Construction marks the culmination of more than three years of intensive design collaboration between Mr. Ciccarello and award-winning architect Alberto Alfonso. The Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement (MAACM), designed by Alfonso Architects, will serve as a repository for the world-class art collection of founder Rudy Ciccarello of the Two Red Roses Foundation.

The museum, originally planned as a four-story, 90,000-square foot building with a cost of $35,000,000, now occupies five floors, covering 137,000-square feet with a new estimate exceeding $70,000,000. This cost does not include the cash investment made so far of $16,000,000 for land acquisition, parking garage construction, and architectural and consulting fees.

The expansion in both square feet and budget was necessary to increase gallery and exhibition spaces, and to include a 100-seat auditorium, a resource library, children’s education center and gallery, and a graphic studio and darkroom facilities for teaching purposes.


Plans also include an upscale destination restaurant, museum cafe, retail store, and event spaces for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

“As an architect, opportunities like the MAACM are rare and truly come along once in a lifetime,” shares Alberto Alfonso. “So it was with great pride and excitement that my firm was selected to design this major museum and cultural center to showcase a world-class collection of the decorative arts — the only one of its kind in America. Perhaps as rare was the opportunity to work directly with the owner throughout the course of the project — an individual whose ideas on design, form, and function aligned perfectly with those of my team. We were given the challenge and freedom to create something truly unique, without caveats. Rudy supported and encouraged me in every way possible and was truly a leader and working partner in what has been an incredible collaboration. And now, as we begin this most important construction phase, I am eager to work closely with the talented and professional team from Gilbane Construction to complete this amazing project.”

Tim Hensey, Vice President of Gilbane Construction added, “We are excited to be part of the team that will execute the vision of this unique facility. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with the Museum of American Arts and Crafts Movement and Alfonso Architects through the design phase for the past year, as we prepared for the start of construction.”

The city of St. Petersburg is excited to usher in this incredible addition and that excitement shone through in mayor Rick Kriseman’s latest statement on the project. “I am excited for the next phase of the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. This museum represents years of effort and investment, and the City of St. Petersburg is ready to do what we can to welcome it to our already thriving arts scene. St. Petersburg is a city of the arts, and this museum is already an important part of that. I look forward to working with Rudy Ciccarello and everyone on the team at the museum, and cannot wait to cut the ribbon!”

Of course, Rudy Ciccarello, founder of MAACM, is pleased with the latest step in seeing this project come to life. “The engagement of Gilbane Construction is a very important development. But in many ways it is just the beginning of a two-year process. There is much work yet to be done and challenges to overcome. But I am confident in the team that I have assembled and that, at the end of the day, the city of St. Petersburg will be proud of what has been accomplished. Up to this point, I have relied on myself and my vision to lead and finance this effort. Now, however, I am calling upon the city, county, and state — along with business and corporate leaders, private individuals in the community, and beyond — to get involved and provide their support for this project that will add to the city’s reputation as a cultural destination and provide a very real and measurable positive economic impact. I would be happy to discuss ways in which support can be offered.”
For more information on how you can become involved please contact Tom Magoulis, Vice President of MAACM at [email protected].