Transitions: A Message from Bruce Johnson

by Bruce Johnson


As many of you have seen, over the course of the past five years my assistant Kate Nixon has steadily assumed the majority of the tasks and responsibilities for the Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn. Behind the scenes, Kate now handles all of the increasingly technical aspects of our two websites, our print and online advertising, the production of the conference catalog and calendar, and our social media marketing. Her knowledge of how the conference is organized and presented is equaled by her personal passion for the Arts and Crafts movement, as evidenced by the articles she writes each week for this website.



Today, at this point in my 35-year career directing the conference, my greatest concern is for the future of the Arts and Crafts Conference. Toward that goal, I have decided the best time to insure the security of that future is on March 1, when Kate and I can switch roles, with her directing the 2023 conference and me serving as her advisor.

For you, the only change will be positive, as Kate has the skills and ability to educate and attract her younger generation to the Arts and Crafts movement and conference, while continuing to satisfy the expectations of our core group of veteran collectors. With all of the skills, ability, and experience Kate has gained over a total of five years with the conference, it only made sense for me to give her this opportunity to make a major advancement in her career. At the same time, a smooth and timely transition helps secures the future of the conference and the many ways it benefits all of the people who both enjoy and rely on it.



Rest assured, I will continue to remain involved in the Arts and Crafts Conference, as well as directing the Arts and Crafts Research Fund and Silent Auction. I hope you will as well, knowing that I will be working with Kate to make the 2023 conference and shows the best ever for you.



“I want you to know,” Kate added,  “that the National Arts and Crafts Conference will absolutely be safe in my hands. It is my privilege to uphold the legacy of this conference which is now in its 35th year. The role which I will be taking is an opportunity for me to continue this beloved show for our knowledgeable regulars and to expand our audience, introducing younger homeowners to the beauty and simplicity of the Arts and Crafts style that so many guests at the historic Grove Park Inn have come to know and love. For me, it is a style that has become a personal part of my own life having worked for five years with Bruce, our exhibitors, our seminar speakers, and our attendees.”


Thank you for your years of support, trust, and friendship.

– Bruce Johnson


at the National Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina, February 21, 2015. Photo by Ray Stubblebine