Your Arts and Crafts Garden, Richardson Romanesque & Classes at Roycroft: Your Weekend

compiled by Kate Nixon

04/15/21: Article has been updated to reflect important information regarding the presentation on Flower Arranging this Saturday.


Spring is coming in quickly and what better way to celebrate than to plant some tulips or create a lovely stained glass leaf or two for your garden! Not sure where to start? Read below to see where you can register to take a class on flower arranging OR if you’re in the Roycroft Campus area and would love to create a stained glass project, Roycroft Campus will have you covered. If you’ve got a thirst for studying architecture, stick with the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms since their Design and History Part 2 is going strong in their study of design from all around the world.


Henry Hobson Richardson, Trinity Church, 1872-77. Boston.

April 17th – (virtual) Flower Arranging: Tulips and the Arts & Crafts Movement at The Huntington (San Marino, CA)

Participants create beautiful floral displays using tulips and other seasonal blooms, taking inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement. Tulips were a popular motif of the period and often symbolized rebirth as one of the first blooms of spring. While this class is exclusively virtual* and available to everyone for $55.00 ($45.00 for members), supplies and materials for the classes are available for an extra costs and can be picked up for participants close to the Huntington in San Marino, CA.

*update April 15th: virtual registration includes pre-recorded lecture, supply list and demonstration. Live April 17th event is a follow up to the lecture and for questions and answers about the lecture.


April 17th – (virtual) Design & History: The Past is Always Present Greek Romanesque, the Romanesque Revival and Henry Hobson Richardson

A specific sect of the Romanesque style was named after Henry Hobson Richardson, known for his iconic Trinity Church in Boston. The influence of the architecture from across the pond helped Richardson to create his style, which this session will concentrate on in addition to the origins of this particular type of extravagant design. This online class will be hosted by the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms.

Stained glass Monstera leaf.

The Roycroft Campus is now holding onsite (masks are required) classes for those interested. Roycroft Campus Artist-in-Residence, Yvonne Stoklosa, will be teaching one-day workshops on the basics of working with stained glass this weekend, and next weekend will hold a two-day window panel class.  An introduction to the art form and resources will be discussed.  On Saturday, students will create a life size monstera leaf in stained glass and on Sunday, participants will create a stained glass Dragonfly. All materials and tools needed are provided, including a selection of colorful art glass.

April 17th – (onsite) One day workshop on making a Stained Glass Monstera Leaf with Roycroft Campus Artist-in-Residence, Yvonne Stoklosa, 10:00am – 4:00pm Eastern.

April 18th – (onsite) One day workshop on making a Stained Glass Dragonfly with Roycroft Campus Artist-in-Residence, Yvonne Stoklosa, 10:00am – 4:00pm Eastern