Dresser, Christopher

Dresser, Christopher

Maker: Furniture

Year: 1860 - ca. 1904

Reference: http://www.antique-marks.com

Notes: Born in Glasgow, the son of an excise officer. Dresser studied at the Government School of Design and then lectured at The Department of Science & Art at South Kensington, specialising in botany. He published a number of works, continuing to explore the relationship between botany and design with a later interest in Japanese art. In the late 1860's he included designs for furniture by Burges and Bruce talbert. In 1871 he made his first designs for the Coalbrookdale Co. In 1875 he began designing for Elkingtons. In 1876 Dresser went to America and then onwards to Japan, collecting examples of Japanese manufactures on behalf of Tiffany & Co of New York. He designed for various manufacturers in subsequent years, including Hukin & Heath, James Dixon & Sons, Ault, Linthorpe, Mintons, Benham & Froud and William Couper amongst others. His range of designs covered almost all aspects of interior design & furnishing. Shopmark reads, "Ch. Dresser"

Photo Credit: **Photo courtesy of Myron Musfeldt