Grand Rapids Bookcase & Chair Company (Lifetime)

Grand Rapids Bookcase & Chair Company (Lifetime)

Maker: Furniture

Year: Formed 1911

Reference: Arts & Crafts Furniture Design: The Grand Rapids Contribution, Don Marek

Notes: Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Co. (Lifetime), Hastings and Grand Rapids, MI. Formed 1911 by A.A. Barber by merger of G.R. Bookcase Co. and Barber Brothers Chair Co., both of which had produced A&C furniture since 1903. Called new line “Lifetime Furniture.” Produced various styles, including Cloister (1911), Jacobean (1913) and Puritan (1917). Shopmark appeared as paper label, decal or brand. Manufactured a high quality A&C line, often with Stickley influence, but featuring unique design details. By 1920s had discontinued A&C for popular European revival style.

Photo Credit: **Photo courtesy of Ric Smith