Sheboygan Chair Co.

Sheboygan Chair Co.

Maker: Furniture

Year: 1888 - 1951


Notes: The Sheboygan Chair Company was not incorporated under that name until 1888. Prior to 1888 the firm operated under the name Sheboygan Manufacturing Company, having been incorporated as such in 1868 or 1869. It was the first furniture manufacturer in Sheboygan. In 1942 the company was sold to Eugene J. Hynes Corporation of New York, but the name Sheboygan Chair Company was retained. In 1951 the Sheboygan Chair and Furniture Company was formed to distribute Sheboygan Chair Company products. According to a newspaper article, it appears that the Sheboygan Chair Company discontinued production at that time, with its line being taken over by the Phoenix Chair Company, also of Sheboygan. In 1951 the property of the Sheboygan Chair Company was divided and sold to three new industries, none of which produced furniture. Sheboygan Chair Company has always been located at the corner of S. 7th St. and Indiana Avenue. At one time S. 7th St. was known as Chestnut Street. In their 64 years of business Sheboygan Chair Company manufactured many styles of chairs. These include Windsor, bentwood, pressback, Mission-style, colonial-style, Boston rockers, upholstered chairs, office furniture, and children's furniture.

Photo Credit: **Photo courtesy of Michael and Jill Thomas-Clark.