Stickley Brothers Company

Stickley Brothers Company

Maker: Furniture

Year: 1891 - 1940

Reference: Arts & Crafts Furniture Design: The Grand Rapids Contribution, Don Marek

Notes: Stickley Brothers Co. (Quaint), Grand Rapids, MI. 1891-1940. Founder Albert Stickley (1862-1928) and John G. Stickley (1871-1921). High quality A&C furniture with European influence (D. Robertson Smith, Timothy Conti, designers). This oval and fragile paper label appears to have been their earliest mark. The adoption of the trademark “Quaint” may have prompted this shopmark, found either as a metal tag or decal. The word “quaint” referenced Arts & Crafts in England. Albert Stickley also used a brand to mark some of his furniture, either with simply block letters or occasionally with the word “Quaint” and the letters “S & B.”

Photo Credit: **Photo courtesy of Ric Smith